Monday, January 2, 2012


I have always dreamed of living, for a while, the fabulous life of a diplomat’s wife overseas. In my fantasy, I jet set across Europe from my home base in romantic Rome, Vienna or Prague, conversing fluently with my impeccably groomed and well-mannered children in new languages as we take an extended field trip through foreign art, history and culture.

In reality, I find myself moving to Cairo where, for the next two years, The Husband will be working and I will be blissfully on an extended sabbatical. While hotter, dustier and ever so slightly less glamorous than I pictured, Egypt offers O, A, T and me the chance to travel, learn and experience a truly once in a lifetime adventure together at an historic time.

Though I fully expect to miss my family and friends terribly while I’m gone, various technologies promise to help me keep in touch and up-to-date (probably even better now that I am unemployed). And it will be just like I never left if you follow my riveting social stream now that I am back up and running from my undisclosed location on the Nile.

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